Family Dentistry

Each dental office seems to have its own identity and personality. At Ted Johnson dentist we seem to have a very relaxed environment that has attracted families for years. Both parents and kids seem to love Dr. Ted and his easy mannerisms. It is very apparent he likes kids and can be as silly as they are. More importantly, he puts them at ease and that is what makes him such wonderful family dentist. Family dentistry is a unique art and we’ve been blessed to have been providing these services in Stillwater now for over 15 years.

We understand are many choices for dentists in the Stillwater Area. We’ve been very lucky to have most of the same employeess here for many years and some from the very beginning. If you do what you love it shows, and our team is comprised of people that are natural and great with kids of all ages from 2-92.

When kids see their parents or older siblings looking forward to coming to the dentist, it makes all the difference in the world. Check-ups, teeth cleaning, and fillings are apart of life. We do everything we can to teach our clients how important preventative dentistry is but occasionally a tooth has to be filled and when that happens, it should be an enjoyable experience.
We invite anyone to just come by and visit so you can see for yourself and say hi to the staff. As we like to say, new patients welcome, existing clients definitely appreciated.